User inputs that drive text on locked objects? - Like Smartsheets

  • 24 February 2023
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Hello Miro Community!


I’ve spend some time creating a nice graphical timeline chart to frame out my 3 month onboarding plan at a new company. I kept it abstract with the intention to use this chart to track onboarding progress for future hires. (Love the graphical aspects of Miro)

As miro is not a tool we’ve accepted yet, and have been trained on (more like my personal favorite tool), I’d like to keep this template as dummy proof as possible until it gets adopted.

Ideally I’d like to:

  • Lock the graphical template so it cannot move or be edited
  • Have a separate user-input section on the left of the template
  • Automatically have the user-input text fill out the text on certain objects in the template


Is this currently possible? If not, I believe it would be a great feature that would compete well with smartsheets*. (I like your interface waaaay better, and I have no need for the complexity/gantt that drives what they do).


1 reply

Thinking about this, possibly having another state besides locked/unlocked

Something like Text-Only might also work to accomplish this