Upgraded from free to team plan but profile is not updated.

  • 25 July 2021
  • 3 replies

I just updated to a 2 team plan but in my dashboard account it still shows free account. Is this just a delay in the interface where i have to wait to implement? In any case i have send email to support team for this issue.

3 replies

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@Eriberto Mendez - When one has a Free Plan team and decides they would like a Team Plan, there are two ways to accomplish this from an existing account:

1. Use the Upgrade button which will convert the Free Plan to the paid plan selected during the upgrade process.

2. Use the  Add teams button on the left-hand vertical bar which will result in an entire new team being created and now the user would have two teams associated with their Miro account profile.

Assuming you did the Upgrade, have you tried completely signing out and back into your account? Or even signing in through an Incognito window or the Miro desktop app?

@Robert Johnson  I have the same problem. Logout login doesn't work. 

If I push upgrade button it offers me to pay again. The same for creating a new team.

I”ve received invoices and payment confirmation by email. Yet no data regarding this payment in my profile. I’ve spend a hole day reading troubleshoutings and guides and found no data on my matter. I am tired and really regret that I decided to try upgraded options.

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Hi @Daria Sliusareva 


We're sorry to hear about this issue. We're going to convert your question to a support ticket so our team can take a better look at your account.

I'm also sharing this article from the Help Center just in case you haven’t seen yet it and find it helpful: https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021047619