Updated tutorials with new UI toolbars

  • 17 February 2022
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I wasn’t working for about 6 months and it seems that in that time the toolbars have changed.  What was once in the bottom toolbar is now split between the bottom  left and top right corner (I liked it better the old way).  I’m introducing Miro at my new organization and I want to point them to a tutorial on the basics for participating, but all the tutorials seem to still be based off the old toolbars.  Does anyone know of tutorials that are up to date?

4 replies

Even Miro’s own webpage is showing a toolbar that no longer exists here: https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017730553-Toolbar

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Hi @Heidi Berger! Yes you are correct, we've recently updated our board interface (see what's changed here). To be sure your organization gets the training you're looking for, I recommend checking out our Getting Started with Miro live webinar, which is offered a few times each week and will include the latest UI. Register for an upcoming webinar here.

@Annika Robbins

I built a tutorial of my own to onboard people for a workshop. I just walked through it with someone and realized that they have the old toolbars while I have the new one!  Why are people in the same org given two different interfaces?  This makes it very difficult to onboard new people as I literally can’t create the right tutorial for them if my board looks different (ex. changing from trackpad to mouse - settings are now in a different place AND with a different icon)!  Who do I speak to about getting consistency in interfaces across an organization?

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@Heidi Berger I’m so sorry to hear about your experience, I can understand why that would make onboarding a challenge. Here’s a link with more information on the best way to provide your feedback about the updated user interface.  https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404155165586-Updated-Miro-board-user-interface-#How_can_I_give_feedback?_