Spinny Picker Wheel config or alternative

  • 16 April 2024
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Dear Community, 


my team and I come together on a Miro Board once every week.
I want to random Pick a member to work us through the board before 
we start the meeting. Therefore the spinny picker wheel is exactly what iam looking for.
Spinny Picker + Miro | Team Collaboration Apps Marketplace

Does anyone know if it is possible to fix the wheel permanently to the board for everyone
and also how to safe the entries? Currently after every spin one option
is getting removed from the wheel. Also Iam not able to put the wheel inside the board
as part of it.

And if none of the above is possible to configure does anyone have 
an alternative how to do such random pick job? 
(Please dont name “Totally Random” Application)

Best regards

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