Specific board will not load.

  • 29 July 2022
  • 1 reply

Hi would appreciate any support with this. 

I have a specific board that I was working on through the web browser, before switching to the app which now I cannot access. It seems the problem occurred after the app attempted to refresh and update the data. 

I have completed all of the steps in the support guides, including a VPN, refreshing the page, clearing cache, incognito mode and clearing app data on the Windows app. None of which have worked. 

Other boards seem able to load, but this one is stuck on the loading screen and also still states that I am present on the board (I am not). I have also attempted to duplicate with no success. I am the owner of the board.

I see others are experiencing a similar issue. 

Thanks in advance. 

1 reply

UPDATE: Magically resolved itself...