Slow performance with pen tool on Huion tablet

  • 19 July 2020
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I am currently evaluating Miro to use it as a shared whiteboard for handwriting with the pen tool (for mathematical formulas). My configuration: web navigator (Chrome, or Safari or Firefox) on macOS Yosemite.

I have a Huion tablet with screen and stylet connected to my computer. Using a shared board WITHOUT anyone (except me) connected works perfectly: the writing with the stylet is flawless. But as soon as someone else is connected, the writing is very slow, unresponsive, and so the board is unusable.

When using the mouse pointer to “write”, it’s OK is both situations. The problem occurs only when using the stylet. This is not an intrinsic problem with the tablet and stylet since it works perfectly when I am the only one working on the board…

Does someone else have this issue?

Thanks for any help.


7 replies

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Hey @Thierry Masson,

This behavior doesn’t seem to be expected. I am going to convert this post into a support ticket. My colleagues from the Support team will reply to you via email.

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Hi @Thierry Masson Did you manage to resolve your issue. Also can you specity which Huion device you are using. I wish to get something but dont want a full blown ipad or surface tablet.

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I have exactly the same problem:

  • huion tablet
  • works fine when just me on the board
  • reeeeaaaally slow writing when someone joins the board (almost impossible to write)

Did we get anywhere with this?

Unfortunately I can’t use the Huion tablet when it is just me let alone when shared.  This should be “lets see if this works”.


I think the problem is that your laptop configuration are too low.

I use a xp-pen drawing tablet with miro whiteboard software and have no problem.

I’ve got a pretty fast desktop. I’m using Wacom one and 4K display. I can see a big lag between my pen and what Miro draws. 

I noticed if I make screen smaller it starts drawing slightly faster. But for me it is not an option since I need whole screen.

I have a 4K monitor connected to my performance laptop. When using the app window while its on the 4k monitor, the pen is laggy by about 1.5-2 seconds. When I move the app window to my laptop screen (1920x1080) the lag goes away and the pen is very quick. I use wacom tablet.

Hope this helps!