Rotate images and PDFs

  • 14 October 2020
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Sigh - please delete this topic. 

4 replies

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Please do not delete :hushed: . I regularly face this problem and do workarounds outside miro. The result is almost anytime the same - I loose on resolution and images look a little bit blurry….

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@Uwe Seifer :

What exactly do you talk about when you like to rotate images and PDFs.

It is already possbile to rotate your elements:

This also works for PDFs.

Or do you like to mirror images:

If so - you can vote for this wish:


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@mlanders unfortunately not. When I use PDFs an click on them I see a rotation mark/button but it doesn’t respond to any action (e.g. clicking / right mouse button menue):


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...sorry for insisting: got a colleague here who can easily rotate. Whatever it is, it’s not a miro problem… :flushed: