[RESOLVED] Jira (and regular) cards don't show description field when I zoom

  • 17 November 2023
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When I zoom in on my Jira cards I’m expecting to see the description appear but instead I just see the same fields get larger! Is there a trick I’m missing? Thank you 


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@Cathryn Irwin - Good catch. I can not longer see the description text on Jira cards, or regular/non-Jira-synced Cards. I will open a Miro Support ticket to inquire if this is a bug or intended change and will update this post as I hear back from the support team.

BTW, if you have a paid subscription, you can open a support ticket by following these steps:

Miro Support Team:

I used to be be able to see a card’s description when zooming in on it, e.g.:


However, this no longer happens:


Tested in latest Chrome and Miro desktop app on Windows 11 64-bit.

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Reply from Miro support:

The behavior you currently experience with Jira cards is expected. Some changes were made to the UI of all Cards available in Miro, so now the description and the full card title are not displayed if you zoom in - there's a need to open the card details to see the description. These changes were implemented to Jira Cards as well.