[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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Hi @Shuk Hing Ho,

I am sorry to hear this :pensive: I’ve asked the team to reply to your ticket asap. 

YES! We've lost most of our work today too!


We’ve tried to bring in what we can from other boards...but would REALLY like to get all of the past restored if possible. There were so many comments and conversations lost. 


I felt this…. deep down into my soul…. 

I just got a “Restored” board with all my screens! They are a little outdated, but They’re there! <3:sweat_smile:

I can’t believe it! How long did the process take to retrieve the information since you reported it? :c

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Hi all,


We fully acknowledge that temporarily missing content caused inconvenience to some of our users, and we want to express our sincere apologies once again.

While the incident team is heads down working on restoring all of the missing content, the engineering team has come together and identified the root cause of the issue and the immediate actions that need to be taken to ensure Miro stays available and reliable at all times.


As for the features some of you mentioned (Automatic Backup and Version History), they are definitely on our radar, and I’ve passed your feedback to the product team.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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My boards were 100% restored. Many thanks to the dev team, good job!

Hi @Marina,

Thank you for your help. The team has restored my board on 8 Oct’s condition. However, There are still lot of content is missing  :sob: ... Therefore,I believe the content has been missing before that. 



Shuk Hing Ho

Good Day, May I get a help or follow up. 

The restored board is still deleted boards. Please Help!


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@Nick Kramer @MikeJBA @SellonoidXD,

I’m awfully sorry to hear this!

I’ve asked the Support team to reply to your tickets asap :pray_tone2:  


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I have been waiting for a reply since early Monday (Australia time) about a board with 80% of the content deleted. Still have no content restored and no reply from Miro.

This board has over 1 months work in it and an incredible number of hours. If I had known that issues like this existed with Miro, I would have backed it up every day or taken a copy. I know now.

Not sure how to get Miro to answer my ticket as I can’t find a way to contact except via support tickets so I am trying the community to see if this helps to get an answer.

Hi there, 

I am experiencing the same problem.  I have an important project on Miro I’ve been working for months.  I need to show results to my client on Miro and 80% of my information is gone. 


Team Miro, can you help us?.  Can we rescue the information we had on our boards?.  This is extremely urgent.

Same story.

Woke up to do a presentation this morning, 4 months of work, and the boards are 50% gone.

Is Miro responding? We desperately need help.

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We just noticed this on a client board, and it’s critical we get it back, I’m curious if anyone here who has had issues has successfully had their boards restored? If so, how quickly from the point of contacting customer support? #stressed


We have now had two different boards for workshops have large batches of content just disappear on us. One was a live workshop. Thankfully, we had backed up a copy of the board and restoring was easy. The second just now happened to me. I’ve lost 8 hours of work.

I love working in MIRO but y’all have serious work to do with regards to the ease of accessing and sharing boards, tracking changes, preserving/reversing changes. This gives me serious pause about advocating for my company to embrace the product fully/

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This happened to me today too. 95% of the content is missing.


Same here. 70% of my board is gone. Some full frames gone. Other frames just have parts of the content gone. Seems completely random. This is a CRITICAL fail. I filed a ticket.

MIRO Team - This is simply a must fix situation if you want those of us in the enterprise space to use your tool. This is the second instance in two weeks where board content just up and vanished.

have lost 6 weeks of daily added content by a studio of 14 architecture students. dozens and dozens of boards gone…  including mark ups and original content created in miro.


Do I need to find  a new platform  bc my students have lost everything, and it will take  weeks to replace.

Good evening. Tell me, after the last update of the Miro system, we have problems with the content. Some players are missing important information, tell me how it can be restored?

All of 6 months works are gone.:sob: Have sent an support ticket 2 days ago, but still no response… Would anyone please contact me? We are on the paid plan and all of our colleagues are heavy users of Miro. We are not sure if any of the board have missing content. 

Any body’s content has been retrieved or still hoping it will come?

We’re in the same boat with a board we’ve been iterating on for many weeks.  Ticket filed, but board hasn’t been restored yet.

SUGGESTION: rather than automatic downloads, perhaps allow restoring (to a copy) from any point in the Activity log.

Might also be worth adding a “save checkpoint” command and “automatic checkpoint” setting (which saves the entire board state, not just the change log), with the ability to filter the activity log to just checkpoints, to allow easier restores.

Before I realized this was a Miro issue, I actually tried to find (in the Activity Log) where the data had been deleted and assumed that I would be able to restore (a copy) from any point in it.  However, the activity log doesn’t provide that functionality, and is limited to a few days/weeks in any event.


Hi I also have the same problem!! 

I’ve also experienced the same thing today.
2 boards with essential content are missing. 

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I got it back, but the URL of the comment has changed and I'm having a lot of trouble with it.
The parameters of the comment URL are different and there is no way to link the original comment URL.

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Ok so it seems two of my boards that were affected have been restored. 


However they seem to have been restored to a state dating back to about 2-3 weeks ago. Meaning a whole load of content that I had developed and worked on with my clients between then and now is gone. So this remains frustrating and not at all ideal. 

I love Miro and think it excellent vfm. However this presents a huuuuuge question mark. How will you reassure us this won’t be happening again? It’s about as big a system fail as you could imagine, barring everything being deleted overnight. Hang on, that couldn’t happen, could it..? 

EDIT - both my restored boards now appear to be fully salvaged! I’m very happy now! 
Hope everyone else gets fixed up ok.