[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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I just follow the Marina instruction to make direct contact to their support team.

And u guys are right, it is about 95% of work missing. As i have 3 boards here, it seems it only happens on the board im using.

Same experience for me. This morning 8 AM swedish local time my collegue opened our board and 80% of the content is gone. Several frames missing, but it doesn’t show in the activity list.


I’ve created a support ticket.

Hi we are facing the same issue, the Status page doesn’t mention anything about people losing content on their boards…. is there an update, please. 

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We lost a whole bunch of data on MIRO too. A lot of boards have missing content. I hope MIRO can resolve this ASAP.

The item on the board disappeared even though I didn't delete it.

Checking the activity log does not show any evidence of deletion.

Is it possible to recover?

same issue in my board. Everything disappeared suddently and this is a BIG issue.

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Hello all,


Today I was adding my new product feature mockups to the board, Suddenly I’ve noticed that most of the old mockups are gone!!!

I checked activity log, no body from team have been deleted them.

And I DONT KNOW how can I return them! Does anybody know what can I do?


Some parts were not finalized yet and I don’t remember details and I do not have back-up.




@Marina thanks for the heads up; good luck to you and the engineering team. 

I am also experiencing this issue… Please help!!

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We’re seeing the same thing and investigating if it is widespread across all of our boards or specific. This could be a long day.

I also had Miro mysteriously delete a bunch of my content last night. I thought maybe I fat fingered something, but there are no events like that in the activity feed. Even the way content was deleted is unusual and would defy an accidental delete. It’s like something happened server side. This is bad. 

part of our board has been deleted after copying some of it and pasting in a new board

Same here.
About 75% of the board content gone on several boards.
Realised this during a presentation…
Hope we can retrieve this back asap as the content gone is critical.

Can’t believe it but I just experienced the same. Large chunks of work on the board just disappeared at random, months of work!! Really hoping someone might have come across a solution to recover version histories some way, devastating to lose all the work. Reliability and trust are too important for the product.

An update to everyone. I’m in the same team with Mondo (a thread commenter above) so we just thought it’s appropriate to give an update to everyone still waiting because we felt this yesterday too and hope to provide a little sense of relief. 





An older version of our boards have been restored (thank god). You will see a prompt at the top of your affected board with a link to the restored board.  We lost some new information but we’re happy that at least our months of work has been recovered.


I can’t believe it! How long did the process take to retrieve the information since you reported it? :c


As for time, it took about 20 hour-ish? That’s from the very beginning of the outage when it was first reported. So i think your boards will be restored much quicker from now on, since they’ve kinda found the “fit” i assume. The important thing i guess is to do what @Marina said, to make a report with the link to your board(s) with missing content. 


Having said that, the bigger issue here is the lack of an auto backup and restoration feature for all users. It’s really important that we don’t lose our months work randomly, especially when we work with clients. I don’t think “Sorry, It’s not my fault. Miro randomly wiped out our data and now we can’t deliver by next week.” is acceptable for any client in the world.


I really hope Miro look into and quickly resolve it with a function that allow users to have ease of mind. I’m not really sure if i can sleep well every night now knowing my information could potentially be erased randomly. 


Thanks Miro for helping to recover our information back. I hope we get that feature really soon so our faith in Miro can be restored too. 




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Yes. very much needed! We’re considering between Miro and Mural. And right at this moment Miro is down. some of the stuff on our boards went missing entirely. I was horrified to know that there’s no way to get it back. I do hope that it’s the outage that caused our stuff to go missing and they’ll come back when it’s up again. 


But this is a horrible experience. The team spent months on it and it’s gone just like that. We really like Miro but this is really scary and it’s not going to work for us. 

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Hi @Jackie,

I’m sorry to hear this! I’ll let the Support team know that you are still waiting for their response.

Same here.

2~3 hours ago is fine, but now content is missing.

We don’t know whether to continuously co-work on Miro.

It’s too frustrated...

I just find my content on the board almost all gone after HKT1300, can anyone help?

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I’ve just had the same problem! Lost a whole bunch of discovery work of a board while I was using it. Maybe 50% of the contents have randomly disappeared, patchy deletion and whole canvases. Really scary I have weeks of work on here and only part way through the project.  Just put a support request through and got this message, below...

Support response….

Hi there Archie, 

Thank you for getting in touch with us and reporting on the issue with the missing content! We are truly sorry you've faced it. 

We can only imagine how frustrating this should be for you! Please, be assured that our engineers are already on the case and doing their best to resolve this issue and get the missing content back as soon as they can.

Please bear with us — we will keep you updated on our progress.



I am also having the same issue - a large amount of my content has been wiped overnight. I do not have the back up function and also concerned as a lot of work has gone into the content. I have emailed support@miro.com for their assistance.

someone have deleted the content in my board by mistake, how can I recover the content in my board.

and it was in free tier plan. the data is really very important to me, how can I restore the content in the board

Hi, Suddenly important userstory was lost on myboard.

How do I get it back ?

Sorry, I didnt have a backup it….


My team and I also lost about 95% of our board, we are waiting for a response from the managers, I already contacted the support team.

Hopefully there is a tool to be able to save a backup for each user :)

Update: I wrote to the support team and got my board restored!. I almost died. 

I hope you get your information back as well!