[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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Marina, are your engineerings working to restore everyone’s data or only working to prevent it from happening in the future.


I think the community should know if our data can be restored ASAP.


Thank you.

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I’ve just had the same problem! Lost a whole bunch of discovery work of a board while I was using it. Maybe 50% of the contents have randomly disappeared, patchy deletion and whole canvases. Really scary I have weeks of work on here and only part way through the project.  Just put a support request through and got this message, below...

Support response….

Hi there Archie, 

Thank you for getting in touch with us and reporting on the issue with the missing content! We are truly sorry you've faced it. 

We can only imagine how frustrating this should be for you! Please, be assured that our engineers are already on the case and doing their best to resolve this issue and get the missing content back as soon as they can.

Please bear with us — we will keep you updated on our progress.



Same issue!! a lot of content from the frames and the board went missing. since morning spent quite a lot of time figuring out what the hell has happened! and not this post confirms the reason!

Same here too. Total disaster. :sob:

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Hey there,

If you haven’t reached out to the Support team yet, please do so via this link - https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Please make sure to include links to affected boards :pray_tone2:


Thank you!

And thank a lot for your patience and understanding. We are doing our best to resolve the issue!

Same issue here.  We’ve lost months of work.

In a panic I’ve actually made a few further changes to the board after 95% of it was deleted, so I’m hoping those changes will be discarded and the most recent version prior to the mass-deletion will be re-instated.



We have lost nearly 95% of our content from a two month engagement which is almost coming to a close! Miro can you please see to this glitch and see that we get our content back. This is absolutely absurd! never expected such a thing to happen! 

Similar issues here. We are in the middle of a major two day planning event with roughly 100 participants, and lost a lot of content over night. Our team of Scrum Masters could repair most of the immediate damage, but still we lost a lot of data.

Working for a large corporation acquiring a new application takes calendar time and patience, so unfortunately we are still on the free plan, and we have to constantly prove why we need Miro instead of using MS Whiteboard that is licensed to all our users. This kind of major data loss might even jeopardize our possibilities to get Miro for our teams!

Edit: I just got the same alarming call from a colleague running two other programs in our company, they similarly experienced a major data loss, even worse for them...

Hi there,

It was a fantastic co-work tool but today we’ve lost 90% of our work on miro, including boards that wasn’t opened today are affected. Browsing through the activity also wasn’t helpful for this kind of troubleshooting. 

Hope the missing contents can be restored asap to save up all the efforts we’ve invested in. Thanks!

I just find my content on the board almost all gone after HKT1300, can anyone help?

Same here.

2~3 hours ago is fine, but now content is missing.

We don’t know whether to continuously co-work on Miro.

It’s too frustrated...

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Hi everyone,

We are so sorry this issue has happened to you all! 

Our engineers are on it already. You can follow the updates on the Status Page. I will also post an update in this thread as soon as I hear back from the team.


Marina - I went to that Status Page and all I can see is an incident of boards loading slowly. This incident doesn’t look like it’s listed as a live concern?

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Same here. Thought I’d accidentally hit delete on a bunch of random elements. 

In our case it only seems to have affected boards we had opened up today. I’ve opened a few other boards that weren’t open today and they’re intact.

We run our entire business on MIRO and are not in the habit of manual backups (seems counter-intuitive when you’re paying for cloud hosted software). Hoping this gets fixed for everyone asap! 

Hi there,

Adding my +1 to this.
We have lost four weeks worth of notes from a board, reeeeeaally hoping it’s a temporary setback and we can get them back :sweat_smile:


Yup, happened to us as well - probably around 3pm Melbourne time 8th Oct.

Hasn’t affected all boards at this stage, but has affected the most critical board we have used for a 2 day strategic planning sprint.

Fortunately made a copy 12:30pm so not all is lost, however echo the comments of others that greater back-up functionality and version control is essential for a paid product - particularly one that’s designed to get lots of different users in and working together!

We had some quite reluctant first time Miro users for this process, and I’m really hoping this is resolved before anyone panics about what’s missing, as it’s hard to trust a product when everything can suddenly disappear.

Hope this is restored ASAP + longer term fix to address underlying issues.  Thanks!

Need urgent help.


Lots of content has simply disappeared off my board. 


Has that happened to anyone?


I’m looking over the activity history, but it’s not showing up there either. 


Content has simply vanished. 


What does one do..

This also just happened to us.

Entire project board (6 weeks of work) and 50-60% the contents deleted. 

Find it remarkable that there’s no version history on this platform.

Surely one of the most critical features to build, for exactly this reason.

Can you confirm that a restore is possible?

We just lost 50% of our board as well, about 2 hours ago. Has anyone been able to retrieve their content yet?

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We can confirm that some customers experienced degraded functionality and partial content loss within the past 24 hours. We identified the issue and already deployed a fix. 

If you were affected, please reach out to our Support team and share the link to the board with missing content, and we will work with you to restore it. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Same.  About 75% of the board content just 3 hours ago or so.

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Yes! I thought i was alone. This super scary experience happened to us too! Please please please get our frames back for us. this is freaking scary. We spent months on it!

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Yes. very much needed! We’re considering between Miro and Mural. And right at this moment Miro is down. some of the stuff on our boards went missing entirely. I was horrified to know that there’s no way to get it back. I do hope that it’s the outage that caused our stuff to go missing and they’ll come back when it’s up again. 


But this is a horrible experience. The team spent months on it and it’s gone just like that. We really like Miro but this is really scary and it’s not going to work for us. 

Same thing happened to our team today. Much was lost on Tuesday, and more on Wednesday. Hopefully they have a way to resolve it!

hi, same problem happened to my boards today (we notice it is 12:00 pm, Singapore time), and we lost almost all the board. Today is our pre day, it is quite urgent and we need these stuff for further study. This is absolutely sad.

Hope the team can fix the problem ASAP! Thanks a lot!!!

Seems to be a further round of disappearing content around 3pm Sydney time.  Many of my team are reporting issues.