[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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We’re seeing the same thing and investigating if it is widespread across all of our boards or specific. This could be a long day.

I am also experiencing this issue… Please help!!

someone have deleted the content in my board by mistake, how can I recover the content in my board.

and it was in free tier plan. the data is really very important to me, how can I restore the content in the board

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Thanks @Marina for the update. Still waiting for support team to get in touch. 

We’ve been big advocates of Miro and this really caught us off guard. 

All the best to you and the team and may we have our data back from this damaging randomness soon.

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Thanks alot @Marina 

I hope we can have them fast. 🤞🤞🤞

@Marina thanks for the heads up; good luck to you and the engineering team. 

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Hi everyone here,

Our Incident and Engineering teams are working hard on resolving this issue, and our top priority is restoring the content ASAP. Please, stay tuned as there will be communications about the next steps from our team later today. 

If you haven’t reached out to our Support team yet, please do it via the form - https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - and share the link to the board with missing content, and we will work with you to restore it. 


Just a note - you can work on the boards now, as the root cause of the issue has been fixed.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi all, 

While using my miro board yesterday, about 95% of my content disappeared and I was unable to retrieve them from my activity log as there was no sign of it being deleted. It was an accumulation of my 2 months worth of work. Really hope there is a way to recover it!

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We are on a free version of Miro. Me and my team mates, about 5-6 of them have shared some boards. 

All of a sudden today, data has been deleted across teams and boards. We haven’t given access to any one else and we are sure no one from inside the team did this. 


If there are more people in the miro community who faced this, please comment here. 

Can someone please look into this and get back?

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Hello all,


Today I was adding my new product feature mockups to the board, Suddenly I’ve noticed that most of the old mockups are gone!!!

I checked activity log, no body from team have been deleted them.

And I DONT KNOW how can I return them! Does anybody know what can I do?


Some parts were not finalized yet and I don’t remember details and I do not have back-up.




I am also having the same issue - a large amount of my content has been wiped overnight. I do not have the back up function and also concerned as a lot of work has gone into the content. I have emailed support@miro.com for their assistance.

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Hey there Marina. Can we get an update on likelihood and expected timeframes for data recovery due to this problem. It seems like status page loosely mentions the deletion of some content and the problem of slow loading is fixed but there are two major outstanding issues I think everyone here in this thread would like some resolution on: 

  1. can we get our lost data back and if so when. 
  2. can we continue to work on boards without the risk of loosing that data  also.

Most here, myself included, are engaged in projects where this is a crippling setback. As a huge advocate of Miro I implore you to reestablish our trust by demonstrating that you truly do have our backs and can restore our data with the greatest of haste. Please be transparent and keep us updated frequently and accurately. I’m sure many are waiting with anticipation for good news regarding the restoration of our data. 

same issue in my board. Everything disappeared suddently and this is a BIG issue.

The item on the board disappeared even though I didn't delete it.

Checking the activity log does not show any evidence of deletion.

Is it possible to recover?

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We lost a whole bunch of data on MIRO too. A lot of boards have missing content. I hope MIRO can resolve this ASAP.

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We lost all our data all of a sudden, we need help in retrieving back the data .

Can someone please help.


Also happening with our boards, 80% gone. 


Please help!


Same issue here with a board actively used by 70 students, please help! I've contacted the support team

Good morning,

I too am facing a problem with my miro board. Around 50% of my boards are missing and it’s causing quite a lot of complications. I hope this can be resolved soon.


Thank you

Hi we are facing the same issue, the Status page doesn’t mention anything about people losing content on their boards…. is there an update, please. 

Hi @Miro Community Bot 

we lost most of our content in the Miro board. When can we expect this to be solved?

Same experience for me. This morning 8 AM swedish local time my collegue opened our board and 80% of the content is gone. Several frames missing, but it doesn’t show in the activity list.


I’ve created a support ticket.

I just follow the Marina instruction to make direct contact to their support team.

And u guys are right, it is about 95% of work missing. As i have 3 boards here, it seems it only happens on the board im using.

yeah same problem here, we planned with 150 people 3 days and a lot of content is now DELETED.




Please help, gimme a call :)

Me too! We just finished off our discovery work and now its mostly all gone :( 

Can you please help. Items have gone missing from a board (I presume deleted). Is it possible to revert the board to an earlier version? Or restore deleted items? Happy to lose the work from today if we can get our old work back. All editors that logged on today have tried to undo with no result, and we can’t see anything in the activity log that indicates someone has deleted these items.


Some of things that had more recently been worked on (or were locked) have not gone missing but only about 20% of our work is still on there. 


Can you please advise what we should do?


Thank you