[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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Hey all, 

When I opened one of our workshop boards today I noticed that 95% of the content was missing: There were probably more than 50 frames on the board, all disappeared without a trace. The weird thing is, not everything was gone. Two frames remained, one seemingly intact, the other one missing content as well. These two frames are the last ones I worked on yesterday, and the frame that looked complete was the last one I touched. It looks like everythings older than that has vanished.

I first assumed that one of my teammates might have deleted something by accident, but when I checked the activity feed, I couldn’t see any deletions. The last changes where made by me, and when I stopped working yesterday, the board was fine. I tried everything, web client, browser version, I asked others to double check – but the content is definitely gone (at least for the time being).

I have already created a support ticket, but I was wondering if anyone experienced something like this before and found a solution… or if I should just accept the content is gone and move on to Plan B.

We rely heavily on Miro for our work, are on a paid plan, and if this is an issue that others experienced as well, I’d love to know if we should consider looking for alternatives.

Marina 3 years ago

Hi everyone, 

We have restored the majority of the content that has been partially missing from some of the customer boards as of October 09, 2020, 12:23 UTC.

If you believe some of your content is still missing, we encourage you to reach out to our support team via this form.

We are continuing to investigate the incident to ensure this doesn't happen again, and will follow-up with a summary once we have more information.

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I am also having the same issue - a large amount of my content has been wiped overnight. I do not have the back up function and also concerned as a lot of work has gone into the content. I have emailed support@miro.com for their assistance.

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Hello all,


Today I was adding my new product feature mockups to the board, Suddenly I’ve noticed that most of the old mockups are gone!!!

I checked activity log, no body from team have been deleted them.

And I DONT KNOW how can I return them! Does anybody know what can I do?


Some parts were not finalized yet and I don’t remember details and I do not have back-up.




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We are on a free version of Miro. Me and my team mates, about 5-6 of them have shared some boards. 

All of a sudden today, data has been deleted across teams and boards. We haven’t given access to any one else and we are sure no one from inside the team did this. 


If there are more people in the miro community who faced this, please comment here. 

Can someone please look into this and get back?

Hi all, 

While using my miro board yesterday, about 95% of my content disappeared and I was unable to retrieve them from my activity log as there was no sign of it being deleted. It was an accumulation of my 2 months worth of work. Really hope there is a way to recover it!

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Hi everyone here,

Our Incident and Engineering teams are working hard on resolving this issue, and our top priority is restoring the content ASAP. Please, stay tuned as there will be communications about the next steps from our team later today. 

If you haven’t reached out to our Support team yet, please do it via the form - https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - and share the link to the board with missing content, and we will work with you to restore it. 


Just a note - you can work on the boards now, as the root cause of the issue has been fixed.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

@Marina thanks for the heads up; good luck to you and the engineering team. 

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Thanks alot @Marina 

I hope we can have them fast. 🤞🤞🤞

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Thanks @Marina for the update. Still waiting for support team to get in touch. 

We’ve been big advocates of Miro and this really caught us off guard. 

All the best to you and the team and may we have our data back from this damaging randomness soon.

someone have deleted the content in my board by mistake, how can I recover the content in my board.

and it was in free tier plan. the data is really very important to me, how can I restore the content in the board

I am also experiencing this issue… Please help!!

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We’re seeing the same thing and investigating if it is widespread across all of our boards or specific. This could be a long day.

part of our board has been deleted after copying some of it and pasting in a new board

I also had Miro mysteriously delete a bunch of my content last night. I thought maybe I fat fingered something, but there are no events like that in the activity feed. Even the way content was deleted is unusual and would defy an accidental delete. It’s like something happened server side. This is bad. 

Same here.
About 75% of the board content gone on several boards.
Realised this during a presentation…
Hope we can retrieve this back asap as the content gone is critical.

Hi, Suddenly important userstory was lost on myboard.

How do I get it back ?

Sorry, I didnt have a backup it….

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We can confirm that some customers experienced degraded functionality and partial content loss within the past 24 hours. We identified the issue and already deployed a fix. 

If you were affected, please reach out to our Support team and share the link to the board with missing content, and we will work with you to restore it. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

This is a CRITICAL issue @Marina how on earth would we be able to go back and look at our over 100 Boards to determine if I have lost content?  This is disturbing and requires a deeper dive by Miro into resolving as a whole and not at a case by case scenario.  This failure is at the extreme of seriousness, I would consider worse than a service outage, losing IP development can set any User of Miro back many years in development.  I expect a message from Miro executive level explaining the cause and corrective/preventative actions.  I need this to gain back trust from employees who questioned using Miro in the first place.

Hi there, 

I am experiencing the same problem.  I have an important project on Miro I’ve been working for months.  I need to show results to my client on Miro and 80% of my information is gone. 


Team Miro, can you help us?.  Can we rescue the information we had on our boards?.  This is extremely urgent.

Same story.

Woke up to do a presentation this morning, 4 months of work, and the boards are 50% gone.

Is Miro responding? We desperately need help.

Good evening. Tell me, after the last update of the Miro system, we have problems with the content. Some players are missing important information, tell me how it can be restored?

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We just noticed this on a client board, and it’s critical we get it back, I’m curious if anyone here who has had issues has successfully had their boards restored? If so, how quickly from the point of contacting customer support? #stressed


We have now had two different boards for workshops have large batches of content just disappear on us. One was a live workshop. Thankfully, we had backed up a copy of the board and restoring was easy. The second just now happened to me. I’ve lost 8 hours of work.

I love working in MIRO but y’all have serious work to do with regards to the ease of accessing and sharing boards, tracking changes, preserving/reversing changes. This gives me serious pause about advocating for my company to embrace the product fully/

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This happened to me today too. 95% of the content is missing.


Same here. 70% of my board is gone. Some full frames gone. Other frames just have parts of the content gone. Seems completely random. This is a CRITICAL fail. I filed a ticket.

MIRO Team - This is simply a must fix situation if you want those of us in the enterprise space to use your tool. This is the second instance in two weeks where board content just up and vanished.

have lost 6 weeks of daily added content by a studio of 14 architecture students. dozens and dozens of boards gone…  including mark ups and original content created in miro.


Do I need to find  a new platform  bc my students have lost everything, and it will take  weeks to replace.

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Hi all,

The same thing has been happening to us for 10 hours now.
I wish Miro would just go on Twitter and tell as many people as he can about the situation quickly.
Honestly, I'm anxious and it's keeping me up at night.
Hoping for a quick recovery ASAP.