Printing from Miro

  • 14 October 2021
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I don’t seem to have the Print function showing on my board.  How do I enable this?


3 replies

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@Mandeep Virdi - Miro boards themselves are not intended to be printed - that is why there is no Print icon and also why the usual print shortcut, e.g., Ctrl+P, is disabled. Instead, you would want to put frames around the content you ultimately want to print and then you would export these frames as JPG or PDF and print the exports. You can read more about this in the Board export Help Center article:


And if you really wan to print a board, you should be able to force this from your browser’s settings menu, e.g., from Chrome:


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And there is “Save as image” and “Save as PDF”. When I want to print a board, I save-as-PDF and print the PDF.

Thank you everyone.  It appeared that I was not the owner of the board, so I created a new board and the function appeared and worked perfectly.