Prevent other users from accidentally ungrouping image on a sticky?

  • 21 April 2020
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I have uploaded icons from a card deck and placed those icons on sticky notes, then grouped them so that various users will be able to move the cards around. Unfortunately, merely clicking the card twice un-does the grouping and can sever the icon from the sticky.  Locking doesn’t help because locking prevents the card from being moved at all. (I want non-designers to be able to move the stickies with the image “locked” attached to it.


Is there a workaround to recommend that would allow us to retain the sticky-like appearance and drop shadow?  (My plan b is to ditch the stickies/drop shadow and to upload my icons with their own solid background.)


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2 replies

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Hi @carrie mclaren.


I have been challenged here as well and there is no easy answer at this time (that I am aware of:) 

I use your Plan B approach a lot and it works most of the time, you insert your card, then create a similarly sized shape using the shape tool, make it black, put it behind your card and slightly offset it to get that shadow look. Group the shapes together and you are all set.

It’s not perfect, but once you get it done, you can save the template and use again when you need. And users on my boards can still figure out ways to ungroup AND unlock things.  Never underestimate people’s ability to blow your boards up when you aren’t looking!  Hahaha, but that is how we learn. Hope this helps!



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Perhaps a Guard to prevent Modifications is needed @carrie mclaren see my idea