PowerPoint equations cause doubling of text on slide

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Whenever I import a PowerPoint slide that has an equation on it that I wrote using PowerPoint’s equation editor, I get doubling of text on each slide that has an equation on it (slides without equations are unaffected).  I had this problem in AWWapp, too.  I know the solution: convert the PowerPoint to PDF first and then upload.

You can see an example below.  Why does this happen?

Example of text doubling on PowerPoint slide with equation


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Hi @Cindy Taylor 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

Before converting to pdf increase the line height of the text!


convert it into an image and then upload it to miro!

Or you can contact miro support https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020185799

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Thanks.  The issue disappears when I convert it to PDF.  And I have the free educator plan so I can’t submit tickets.

I was just wondering why this happens.

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@Cindy Taylor :

Two things coming into my mind:

  • Have you tried it with an other browser - is the result the same?
  • What’s about using an other font in PPT - does it change something?


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I get the same result using Firefox browser, Chrome browser, AND the Miro desktop app.  I’m doing it on a Windows machine with the latest version of Powerpoint from Office 365.  The font is the standard Calibri for text.

I changed the one slide’s text from Calibri to Arial and got the same result.  

I had the same issue with Awwapp, as well.

Exporting the Powerpoint to PDF and then uploading works and it’s fine for what I do.  

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@Cindy Taylor - If you can attach the PowerPoint to this post (or at least just the one slide from your screenshot), then we may be able find something about the .pptx that is the issue.

Example: I attached a PowerPoint .pptx using the upload files option:


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Unfortunately I don’t see the uploads option.


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@Cindy Taylor - Oh… I learned something new. Probably only a limited number of us as moderators/community leaders have this option.

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I have attached a sample of the PowerPoint slides @Cindy Taylor is having the issue with.

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@Cindy Taylor - Another workaround (that is working for me) is to copy and paste the slides from PowerPoint onto the board:


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@Cindy Taylor and @Robert Johnson -

it also works if you save the deck under the old (PPT 97-2003) format, so it is likely related to the way in which the equation formatting is saved in a PPTX file. Definitely worth logging with Miro support as it is likely an esoteric bug...


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I had a feeling it’s somehow related to Powerpoint handling equations. It happened on Awwapp as well.  And importing Powerpoint to Nebo caused the equations to disappear!

And I have a knack for finding weird bugs.  Should have gone into beta testing instead of teaching. :wink:


Hi @Cindy Taylor,

it’s not Miro, it’s MS PowerPoint. When I open your MS PowerPoint presentation in LibreOffice the text on the first slide also appears twice:

The screenshot was made in LibreOffice 10(Build:2).
This is not the first time that I’ve come across the text doubling problem; the scenario was the same.