Pie Chart Maker

  • 11 April 2023
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Hi there. I am very new to Miro, but after reading through https://miro.com/graphs/pie-chart/ I figured I could make that.  However, when I search through the templates for “pie chart” or “pie maker” or even just “pie” nothing comes up.  I am logged in through my company and we are a paying customer so I don’t understand why the template isn’t showing up in the search.

I found a work-around by going to here: https://miro.com/templates/pie-chart/ and clicking on ‘Use Template’.  Now I am within the template and entering in the data, but the chart is cutting off the words that label each slice of the pie chart and there’s no option to resize the chart to show the entire label. It only allows me to make the whole chart larger or smaller. 

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.  Thank you!!!

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