Performance Issues with Miro - non responsive or VERY SLOW to respond

  • 28 July 2023
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My team are have all been having performance issues with Miro this week.  We’re all working from home - so on different wifi connections and also are working on different boards. 


We are finding that when we click onto something like a post-it, a box or a text-box - that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Or you might have to wait minutes to be able to click on something. 

We are also finding frames incredibly at times do not want to be selected. I’m assuming this is again a responsiveness issue. We try to expand or change a frame - and we can’t. 



8 replies

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I thought that the issue was my board being too crowded so I turned most of the frames into images but I still experience performance issues. It was working perfectly fine the past few weeks, but since last week it’s almost unusable. Creating mockups is painfully hard and frustrating.

Any clues about what could be causing this?

Slow on my end as well, both on the desktop app and website. I have a basic board/project that shouldn’t be this taxing. There’s nothing wrong with my connection.

Yep.  We’ve tried everything. Clearing cache. Different browsers. Using the App instead of the browser - which was even slower BTW.  

We even took to copying the components of a board we were working on into a completely new board - so that the boards weren’t too big.  

And still we can’t work with it. 

We work on Miro all day every day - and have for nearly three years. And I’ve never. NEVER seen performance issues like this before. 


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Ditto here. This needs a fix and quickly. I have big client workshops coming up and I can’t run the risk of it being a sh!tty experience for my stakeholders.

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I use the app 99% of the time and in the state it is right now I cannot use it. I’m using the browser, it’s slightly better, but still not as smooth as it used to be.

I’m curious, for the desktop app are you all on Mac?

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I use desktop app on Mac. Horribly slow right now. 

Same here. Performance has deteriorated pretty noticeably since the beginning of the year (coincidentally the same month Miro laid off 7% of their staff). There doesn’t seem to be any correlation with board size, objects, users, or browser or desktop. It’s no longer safe for us to use Miro for client workshops.

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Hey everyone,
I am Boris, product manager for performance at Miro.

I am sorry this post only came to my attention now.
Can those that still suffer from performance issues give my comment a “like”?

I will then reach out to you via PM, and let’s see how we can troubleshoot your situation.