PDFs being truncated on import

  • 10 November 2022
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I have multi page PDFs that I’d like to use within Miro. Upon importing I see the document for a split second as it should be viewed, before it is truncated and becomes unusable.  In my case please imagine a multi page balance sheet with multiple line items spanning the page, and signatures. After importing I get some of the numerical values and the signatures, but the descriptions and notes are gone. I have tried exporting as a PNG  as recommended from another post, but this does not give me visibility beyond page one for any document in the miro board. What’s frustrating here is that Miro gives visibility of my document for about two seconds as it should be viewed, before converting to the truncated version of that document. The document is saved in Miro as both the PDF and PNG retain their content when downloaded from Miro. Please allow multi page high detail PDF documents to be able to be imported properly into Miro. Thank you. 




I’ve pulled from this from the web and this content is not sensitive or related to may example. This is not an actual example of what Miro is doing, but is my own recreation of the results because sharing my content would not be appropriate. I will say that my documents have handwritten notes, stamps of approval from board members, and markups from multiple images. 


If my original PDF looks like this: 


Then what I’m left with in Miro looks something like this: 



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Hi @Nate Dickinson, thanks for reporting this!

I’ve gone ahead and created a ticket for this case so that we could investigate this further and you could share additional information if needed. Please keep an eye on you inbox - we’ll reach out to you shortly!