Payment issues for large Organizations

  • 18 October 2021
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Hey Community,


to give some background first:

We are part of a larger organizations and hence are bound by certain regularities. We are using SAP for all the processess from ordering to paying and in that are very much comparable to the 95% Fortune 500 companies that are supposedly using Miro.

That being said, we do have multiple issues with the “Self Service Invoices” solution currently offered by Miro and here are some improvements that we would need and issues we are facing.

  1. We need to have an offer before we can create an order. (Currently that offer is only on the screen, but no actual document) (Ideal process for us: Have an offer on the screen that we can “print” as PDF and attach to our internal order.)
  2. We need a purchase order reference on the invoice - currently I can not enter that as part of the self service process (Enable me to add my PO number on the invoice during the invoice creation process)
  3. We can not accept a new bank account information with every single invoice. It appears that a uniqe account number will be provided with every invoice. That causes a significant amount of work and is a big security issue for us. We need stable bank details in order for our security mechanisms to work. After all we are dealing with thousands of suppliers and have to have very standardized processes. The process to update bank details is one of high security and very time intensive. Not exactly desirable if you have 30 days to pay.

To all those that are dealing with fixed procurement processes - how do you handle the ordering and payment procedures of MIRO today?


Miro as a tool is great, but the way the ordering and payment is handled currently, I can not recommend use of Miro within the other departments of our organization.



1 reply

To add on what I wrote above - we are in touch with Miro Support and have been for over a month now to settle this problem. It is not yet solved and payment from our end is pending due to this nightmare of a process. (nightmare for us - maybe its easy for you)