Pasting Images (PNG) with Transparent Areas

  • 26 January 2021
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When pasting Images (PNG) into a dashboard with Transparent areas, they sometimes show up correctly and sometimes not.

Sometimes the transparent color is most often replaced with Black and sometimes white, and on occasion a smudge of the rest of the colors.  This happens when using on-line as well as the Desktop App.

I am proficient in both Photoshop and GIMP.  I have tried both tools to confirm 100% that those specific areas are in fact transparent.  Then exported the image to PNG with a variety of options to try and get the transparency into the miro dashboard.  Nothing seems to work reliably.

Sometimes I change nothing, I simply try again a couple of minutes later, then, like magic, the transparent areas are showing correctly.

Not sure if a bug or what is going on - is there anybody that can shed some light on this?


I appreciate any advice or help you can offer.

4 replies

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Hey @Wayne Prinsloo,

Maybe you should ask the Support team directly. They’ll be able to check if it is expected behavior or a bug :relaxed:

@Wayne Prinsloo@Marina 

Did you ask and/or get any answer on this essential question ?

I have not asked support - I am using a free account - I am not sure if support is going to help me?
Also, no answer or fix yet.

I just got an answer from my team to solve this transparency problem :sweat_smile:  !

It’s a fact that Copy & Paste is awfully uncertain, showing a lack in the clipboard content handle.


Drag & Drop works nicely :ok_hand::heart_eyes: