One of my team member can't move objects in any devices he logs in

  • 29 May 2020
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Hey, we are new in Miro and one of my members has log in in several devices and he can change an object size, he can create objets, he can type, but he can’t move objets for one place to another (and no, these objetcs are not blocked). Any idea how to fix it?


Best answer by Claudia Orea 3 June 2020, 21:26

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What happens when he tries to move it? Is he in select mode (i.e. arrow cursor) when he is trying to do this?

Hi, Kiron. 

Yes, he is in select mode. He can select the item, change its sizes, but the item stays put when he tries to moves it. 

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Is the object independent of others - i.e. has it been grouped with anything else, is it within a frame? Can he try with the simplest use case - a single, independent, newly created shape in an empty spot on the canvas?


No, it happens with single objects. He can not even move the objects that he just created. i.e. he can create a post-it and has to ask someone to move it, or if he is working alone, errase and create a new one in the place he wanted it to be. 

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@Claudia Orea -

The only thing I can think of outside of contacting Miro support would be to have him log out and then have someone whose Miro functionality works fine log in on the same device and the same way (e.g. web browser) and see what happens.


Thank you, Kiron, for you time. It seems, the problem solve itself.