No sound when playing embedded Vimeo video

  • 30 November 2023
  • 5 replies

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue where the Vimeo videos embed in my Miro boards do not play back any sound - I’ve tested their embed codes using a test site ( and it works there, so it seems like possible an issue with Miro? Can anyone help?

As a side issue, the embedded player also isn’t showing the player controls - related?


5 replies

I also experience this issue. YouTube videos work as desired - sound + playback controls. 

From however, it looks like only “Visual Preview” may be currently supported for video...but, it does work for YouTube so doubt it’s intentional. Submitted to Miro as a bug, #665866.

FWIW I found a way around this @Mark Permann 

If you copy the URL of the Vimeo (click on the chain link icon inbetween the red Share and Embed buttons along the top of the browser window and then click “Copy”), and then, inside a Miro board, just Ctrl/Cmd+V anywhere, the video will embed and be playable. 

This defaults to the basic embed settings I presume so results in less customization of the player, but it does result in a video with sound.

Thanks Simon! Works for me except for timestamp. Vimeo allows that at the end of share URLs e.g. #t=1m30s, but it doesn’t jump the video to that point. 

Ah shame! Fingers crossed for a proper solution from Miro soon!

They’re on it - have confirmed the bug on their end.