My left toolbar keeps disappearing

Just this week, my left toolbar has kept disappearing. I’ve had this happen before - but refreshing the screen normally fixes the problem.


However this week, it just keeps disappearing. Just now I’ve been working on a board, and I clicked on the ‘T’ to get a text box and it disappeared, and I got no text box. I refreshed the screen, and the left toolbar reappeared, but as soon as I clicked the T it disappeared again. This happened another three times.  I can’t use the toolbar.  


What do I do? 

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@Kate McRae - Over the years of my activity in this forum, as soon as I hear that UI elements are disappearing, I will assume a browser is being used and a browser extension is the culprit.

That being said, I will ask:

  • What is your OS? Windows, mac?
  • Are you using a browser? If so, which one?
  • Have you tried
    • disabling all browser extensions?  An incognito/private browser window usually (but not always) accomplishes this.
    • another browser?
    • the Miro desktop app?
    • and if available,
      • another network?
      • another computer?

If none of these changes/tests result in identifying the cause of the issue, and if you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

Yes it is a browser - I don’t like the app :) 

OS - Windows

Browser - in this instance, Microsoft Edge. 

Have I tried - disabling all extensions, no.

                   - another browser - can’t, restricted by work policy

                   - don’t like the app


I’ll open a support ticket :)