My board is empty?

  • 20 April 2020
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We did a session last week using miro and made extensive notes - today the whole board is empty!!!

Did Miro do something this last week?  Is this happening for anyone else?  Is there a way to restore a board? (no I didn’t export it or I wouldn’t be posting)


Best answer by Paul Lewis 20 April 2020, 16:25

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Hi Paul,

here are different sites where you can find help:

So it is always good to save your board - I reccomend to save it every 2 or 3 days.

When you cannot find any solution maybe it helps to contact: 


Thanks for the incredibly fast answer.  Good news, I just logged in using a different browser and it shows again.  Logged out and logged back in using Opera browser - still nothing is shown.  So it turns out it wasn’t that the board got wiped as a problem with the Opera browser.  Opera was working last week (its how I created the board), so not sure what changed.


Anyway, thanks again, at least I am getting by on another browser so this went from a LEVEL 5 - OH NO! to, hmmm that’s weird and unfortunate but can be worked around.