Miro & Zoom Integration - Your experience and feedback

A couple of us, facilitators, came together to try out the new Zoom x Miro integration. We noticed a number of limitations, for example:

  • the integration feature only works for latest version of Zoom
  • no access to Miro during Zoom breakout
  • the Miro interaction via Zoom is (slightly) slower and laggy than one from the board 

Would love to hear your experiences with this new update as I believe if this works well and smoothly, it can be a game changer moving forward.

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@Timothy Nguyen 

Upon first check I also found another limitation: 

In Zoom + Miro one does not have access to their marketplace apps.


I am told they’re working on it. 

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Hi @Timothy Nguyen thanks for your feedback on the Miro app for Zoom. We really appreciate this and want to ensure that this can be a game-changing experience. 


You are right that Zoom Apps only are only enabled from a specific Zoom desktop version up (> 5.7.3). Zoom is working hard to ensure that this update goes faster to remove this initial friction. 


We are also working with Zoom to enable Zoom Apps access during meetings and a deeper integration with Miro to enable breakout groups. Stay tuned. 


As for the last note on performance is there anything you could share with us that we could investigate? A screen recording or similar? If so please DM me the details and we will look into it. Thanks 



I’m desperate to try this but when I follow the links from the “whats new in Miro” I end up at a Zoom 404 Page not found, page on Zoom.  Is there another way I can add the plug in to Miro?

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Hi @Happy Helen Simmons that’s odd. What URL are you accessing before seeing the 404? 

Here is the link to our landing page. You can install the app by clicking on the “Add the Miro app for Zoom” button. https://miro.com/works-with-zoom/


Hi David.

The links take me to:




Then when I log in



I’ve tried a few times and updated my zoom / browser etc

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Thanks @Happy Helen Simmons will pass this over to Zoom.

Can you DM me your Zoom plan type and Zoom client version https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362393-Viewing-the-Zoom-version-number ? Thanks  

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@Timothy Nguyen how slow is the experience? 

I tried the zoom + Miro integration yesterday as one person’s miro wouldn’t open. I’m noticing a huge slow down at the moment with zoom and miro to the point where it’s unworkable. 

We tested it out and it worked for the most part. “This could be a game changer” I thought. But then I tried to copy and paste a box and it glitched. It pasted, but didn’t copy. 

So I don’t think it’s quite there yet as a reliable feature. If something as simple as copy/paste breaks - then I can’t trust this with a full workshop of people. 

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Hi @Liz Whitney ! Thanks for your feedback. Are there any details you could share with us to investigate? For example, a screen recording and/or your OS details. If so, please ping me in a DM. Thanks!

I can’t get the Miro app to work in Zoom.  My board appears to load, but the Miro toolbars never appear, so I can’t actually use the app in Zoom.  Miro works fine for me in my browser.  I’m using a Mac and I have the latest version of Zoom.  

Here’s a screen shot:

It just stays like this no matter how long I wait.