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I want to be a member of Miro with my @ okan.edu.tr extension e-mail address. However, the confirmation mail is not received. I have read your article on this subject and completed everything I had to do. However, my problem was not resolved.

Can you help on the subject.


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@Gamze Tekke - We're sorry to hear that you're not receiving the confirmation email. I have created support ticket from this post. You have received confirmation by email. Please let me know if you have not. 



Hi Miro Team,

we have the same problem. We just wanted to add a new member to our team, but apparently the confirmation mail doesn’t come through. It worked before for our last members. Did something change? Can someone help please? Thank you!
Our domain is @itgrate.com 


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@Gamze Tekke - Did you hear back from Miro support?


yeah thank you for asking. They were really helpful. We got it fixed for us thanks!