Miro board unable to embed in Google Sites

  • 14 May 2020
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I’ve been tying to embed a miro board into google sites but I get a 404 error. 



G sites is able to embed from other apps, it seems Miro is the problem here.

I’ve tried so far:

  • Checked settings in miro seem to be correct - public view on. 
  • Copied the embed HTML link directly from the export feature
  • Tried embedding the Miro board via a URL (not the i frame) link via G sites. This give a slightly different error, only the title is visible rather than the 404 error.

Any support would really be appreciated.


Best answer by mediche 30 May 2020, 07:54

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1 reply

I got this to work by copying the embed provided by Miro embed and dropping into embed option in the new google sites (not a url but the code that goes <iframe src=url etc.>