Miro app for Zoom not loading toolbars / buttons

  • 29 March 2023
  • 2 replies

I am trying to use the Miro app in Zoom and am hitting a brick wall. I can open a board but the toolbars and buttons to actually engage with the board will not load. They just sit greyed out on a sort of loading animation. I am able to open the boards and get the toolbars and buttons in both the desktop client and the browser version of Miro, but not in the Zoom app (which is the only place I want to use it). Not finding anything in support or community addressing this issue. 

I have tried using two different Zoom accounts, on two different computers (both Mac), both updated to the most recent Zoom version. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Miro app in Zoom and that’s done nothing either. 

See the screenshot below showing the greyed out toolbars. Any and all advice appreciated. 


2 replies

i have exactly the same problem … which means that the app in Zoom is basically useless.  I really like the Miro app but I need to use it in Zoom with my colleagues from around the world.  Any chance of a solution?  


I’m using it on my mac with a reasonably fast broadband connection.  The version of Miro works fine in a browser.

Same problem here too! Miro will not load onto Zoom.