Mindmap Keyboard Navigation?

Just curious to know how to navigate Miro mindmaps using only the keyboard. For example, right now I’m at a UX conference taking notes like mad. But each time I want to add a child node I have to click on the parent node and then hit the tab key. Is there a way to navigate to the parent node using only the keyboard? This would save me a ton of time and effort if so!

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Douglas Cuffman!
As you’re editing a child node, you can navigate back to the parent node by clicking Escape to exit the editing mode and then using Arrows to move between nodes (use Up/Down if the mind map is vertically arranged or Left/Right if it’s horizontally arranged):


Hope this helps! 🙂

Awesome! This is very, very helpful! Thank you!!

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Always happy to help, @Douglas Cuffman! ✨ To make your navigation across mind maps even more efficient, feel free to use the hot keys mentioned in our Help Center article.