Locked frames by a previous member - will they be unlocked automatically with a new admin?

  • 10 August 2021
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If a previous member locked frames/objects in numerous boards and this member has been removed from the team, will they be unlocked automatically if a new admin has been created or those admin rights have been passed to another team member?



Best answer by Robert Johnson 10 August 2021, 23:32

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3 replies

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@anev - I just tested the following scenario:

  1. Added a new member to the team
  2. created a board as that new member, created a frame, locked that frame and made it hidden
  3. As an admin, I deleted that member from the team and chose myself as the new owner of their content (boards and projects)
  4. opened that board as the new owner
  5. and was able to show and unlock the frame.

will they be unlocked automatically

The objects were not automatically unlocked in my test.

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@anev - I just tested with with Protected Locked objects and they also remained fully locked once the ownership was changed - and they could only be unlocked by the new board owner.

@Robert Johnson appreciate the help and testing it out! You’re the best!