left-click vs right-click; different behaviour on different boards

  • 17 November 2021
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I have one board (Board A) where a left-longclick (left click and hold) selects items and a right-longclick moves the board. I believe this is a newer navigation behaviour. (“V” will change the icon from arrow to hand, and the hand always moves the board.)

I have another board (Board 😎 where a left-longclick moves the board and you have to press Shift to select. Both selecting and moving use the left button. The right button is only for context menu and a right-longclick does nothing. (“V” behaves the same here.) I believe this was original navigation.


I would like to have all of my boards function like Board A, but I cannot find a setting for that. If so, it’s not in the navigation mode menu?

And why do my boards behave differently to begin with?


5 replies

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Hi there, Brian!

Thanks very much for this very interesting question! What a rare behaviour - let’s try and find out exactly what is happening here!

The way my navigation using a trackpad works is the same way you describe on your board A - left click and hold selects items and a right long click moves the board.

Miro automatically detects the input method and selects a navigation mode accordingly but of course you can manually select between mouse, trackpad and touchscreen modes. So far I am not aware though that there is a way to change the kind of switch in navigation between what you describe on your board B and board A.

Could you please 

  • confirm that you always use the same device to access both boards?
  • try to clear your cache and cookies and see if the same navigation behaviour persists on your board B?

Thanks very much - I’m curious where we’re gonna go with that!:smiley::mag::fox:

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Hi Eva, I can confirm that all hardware variables are the same between the two boards (using the same mouse, not a track pad), and using the app for both of not the browser. I will test in a browser and get back to you with what happens, and clearing cache for both browser and app.

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Great Brian, thanks for the update! Curious about what you’ll have to say after clearing the cache etc.!

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@Brian Fulghum & @Eva27 -

This sounds eerily similar to the discussion in this thread: https://community.miro.com/peer-support-45/silent-hill-controls-6551


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Hi Brian - our expert in this field has gotten back to me and confirmed that behaviour A is the new navigation mode which has been live since not long ago and behaviour B is the current one.

What is unexpected though is that you experience both behaviours on different boards. Therefore it would be interesting to know whether you are you using only one and the same account where you experience the 2 different bahaviours or do you possible have a work account where you experience behaviour A and a personal account where you experience behaviour B?

I’m looking forward to your reply! :nerd: