JIRA Program board - Story points sum per sprint

  • 3 July 2023
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I created a program board, which is very useful and frindly.

Im missing the sum of points per sprint, which forces me to manage this in JIRA anyways, and so making this board redundant :(

The dates for the sprint are automatically added, Can i configure the view to show the sum of points?

Anything that im missing? 



1 reply

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Hi @Shahar Yhezkel I am not sure why no one responded to your question, so please excuse the delay.

Program Board is not meant to be a replacement for Jira. There are many functions which could, and should, only exist in Jira. From a basic collaboration and planning perspective, what can be achieved in Program Board is sufficient.

You are more than welcome to submit an idea to the Miro team. You can do that by going to here - https://community.miro.com/ideas?utm_source=product&utm_medium=learning_center