Is possible to restore deleted account boards?

  • 6 April 2021
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I have a older account that was deletes by “acident”. Can I restore their boards?
I’ve created another account with same email but board does not came back.

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@Anderson Iarrocheski - Creating a new account with the same email won’t help as a new, unique account ID would usually be created in the background and would not be linked to a previous/deleted account, even if the email address is the same.

Whenever the account was deleted, the admin/person deleting the account would most likely have been presented with a warning similar to this:


However, without know what type of account/Miro plan you are on, it’s hard to say - if a Free Plan, there is no Trash can feature, if more than 30 days, the board might have been permanently deleted, etc.

You may find more answers in the How to Restore a Deleted Board Help Center article.

And if you are on a paid plan, all members should check their Trash can to see if they can find the boards. Next, I would suggest reaching out to Miro support:

learning center → Get help → Support