Is it possible to scale all the contents of a frame

  • 22 September 2020
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I have a board with multiple frames. I have copied a frame from another board but need to make it larger to work with the current board (i.e. text and shapes bigger and arrows thicker). Is it possible to do this in a simple step?

The only way I can do it at the moment is to select every single item individually and then scale!  This takes an age as there is no way to select multiple items at once!




Best answer by Robert Johnson 23 September 2020, 15:08

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4 replies

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@Nic Parham - You could try a Shift + click-and-drag around the entire frame which will select all objects. Then resize the frame:


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Thanks. I did this, and it made the shapes bigger - but the arrows joining the shapes stayed the same thickness, which makes them very thin indeed! And there seems to be nowhere to adjust the thickness of arrows separately?

I feel I must be missing something as it is a fairly basic logic that in a relationship map, some relationships may want to be shown as stronger than others, and a thicker connection is the most visually effective way to do this. 

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@Nic Parham - Good question about the arrows/connection lines as I have never tried to target specific object types. With some playing around I found that, if you select a bunch of objects, there is a Filter option that appears in the context menu:


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Thank you @Robert Johnson , this is very useful. I had not spotted that options to separate out the object types!