Importing PDF - Errors in font and formatting

  • 24 January 2021
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When I upload a PDF document to Miro, I noticed that the fonts are different in Miro than in the original document and that formatting is off (e.g. some text that’s on page 1 of the original PDF is showing up on page 2 of the PDF in the Miro board)


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Correction: I just realized the file I uploaded was a .docx file. But I’ll still ask this question about retaining fonts and format for the .docx file type :)


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@LoDo - I suspect that this is due to the fact that Miro would not be licensed for every font that is out there, so if they don’t have the font being used in the uploaded document, they display either a default font or perhaps the next closest thing they have available.

If you need the document to display in Miro in the exact same ways as it appears in another document viewer, I would suggest that you use a font that Miro appears to have in their list, example, in the text object, I can select Arial: