I can't drag/type posts with trackpad

  • 10 June 2021
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I am using a notebook with a trackpad. I cannot interact with the posts. I cannot drag, I cannot type. Double tap zoom in. I see a cursor hand that navigate the board when I hover a post and try to move it.

Any idea?

1 reply

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@Emanuele Covello - If your cursor is a hand, then you are in pan mode and clicking/tapping anywhere on the board will result in the board moving.

Try changing to select mode - you can do this from either the content creation toolbar or by using the V or H hotkey to switch between modes.

Note the behaviour may be be different for each Navigation Mode.

Once you are in select mode, you can also select the sticky note/object by a single tap then select Edit  from the context menu:

More on Select vs Pan mode here →