I am the board owner, but I don't have edit rights

  • 29 October 2020
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Self explanatory title. I am the board owner of a dashboard I created almost a month ago. A few days ago, my rights are just limited to `Comments only`. I need to make changes in the dashboard and I can’t.

Tried to duplicate the board, and it says 


4 replies

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Hi @Neeraj K ,


maybe your trial period has run off.

If not I recommend to contact the support via this link:



Hi @mlanders , how do I find out if I am on trial period or not? I am using the enterprise edition.

I created a request #223967 , nevertheless.



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@Neeraj K,

if you’re using the enterprise editon I recommend to contact the support team - it seems that there is an error and to check what’s going wrong this is the shortest way.


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@Neeraj K - In the future, as soon as you see ‘something went wrong’  I would definitely suggest opening a ticket with Miro support right away. This post has some more information contacting support/posting in the community → https://community.miro.com/welcome-guide-14/do-i-need-to-contact-the-support-team-or-ask-the-community-2343

However, since you did post here, if you do find out that it wasn’t related to a bug--sounds unlikely--it may be helpful for the rest of the community if you were to come back here and share what the Support team told you.

One last tip: Because you are on a paid plan, there should also be a shortcut to the support form that you can get to right from within your Miro dashboard or from within a board: