I am not able to lock/unlock items, but the board owner can

  • 27 October 2020
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I am a paid user and a team admin of the plan. On a specific board I am not able to lock og unlock items. The only person who can is the board owner. We have not managed to find out how the board owner can give me access to lock/unlock element on this board. Anyone who have any ideas?


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@Tore Omdahl - If you are unable to unlock objects that are already locked, this could be due to a new feature called protected lock which allows the object creator to stop others from unlocking the objects.


More info here:

However, if you unable to both lock or unlock objects, then I suspect that the board you are trying to do this on may not even belong to the team of which you are an admin/member of and that you could be viewing the board as a guest editor.

To check this board's location, open the board, click/tap on the board title, and check the Location field which will show the team name where it currently resides and a project it may be in:


@Robert Johnson - thank you for quick reply and guide!It did not help that the board owner chose “anyone can unlock”. But we tried another thing. I had the board owner invite me to the board once again with “can edit”. And suddenly I got permission to lock and unlock items. I am not sure why it did not work in the first place since I already had “can edit” permisson. Again, thanks for pointing me in the right directions!