How to post anonymous post-its, stickers etc?

  • 2 February 2021
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how to post anonymous post-its, stickers etc?

I want to avoid that all people can see (by right mouse button → info) who has created a post-it 

. People will not open up, when they know that e.b. their boss can see who was the author of the idea, voting dot etc.


6 replies

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@Achim S. -

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any way in Miro to hide who created an object if you have “named” users. So the only option would be to use the anonymous guest editor access…


I have had the idea, if one neutral user, the facilitator would create 100 empty post-its. So he is the author. Then a participant writes sth. and finally the facilitator takes ALL 100 post-its and moves them for 1 millimeter. Then he, the facilitator, is the last one who modified it and is mentioned in the info box. 
But it is abad workaround. Can MIRO not just invent that?


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@Achim S. -

I’d suggest adding this as an enhancement request following the wish list guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro


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I’m all in on Miro (love it to pieces)...but really want to see this implemented as well. Mural does it beautifully— I hope we can be “inspired” by it at Miro? 

Me too! Now my teammembers don't dare to post sensitive comments (feedback to organizational policies for instance), on Miro boards that are open to many people.


I put a Miro (feedback form) Online, on which people like to add their thoughts 24/7. But I won't see myself “moving the stickies around every few seconds” to see my name as Last Updated by… ;)

I would love this feature as well. Here’s an example from