How to Hide Collab Cursor When Embedded

  • 21 September 2022
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I’m new to the program, so just finding my way around.

Is it possible to hide my cursor when the board is embedded on a website? Every time I access the board to edit through the app, my name and cursor show up on the site page.

I can see the show/hide collaborator arrow button, but this does not do anything for the live site.

If not, then I guess it will be a hide, edit and republish jobby on the site.

Many thanks!

1 reply

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@Andy Perrin - It took me a few reads of your post – and then some testing of my own – to get on the same page.

Am I correct in saying that, when any person is viewing a Miro board that is embedded into an external site and is viewing the board as view-only, you do not want them to see any editor’s cursor?

On a related note, this happens regardless if the board is embedded or not.

Here is an example when embedded and viewing the board while not signed into a Miro account:


This sounds like a good Wish List Idea post! If you would like, I can move this post, or you can create a new post. Let me know!