How to have some text more visible than other (or how to hide text)?

  • 14 June 2020
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I would like to have a bit of text a bit "hidden"/not as visible and some other text more visible in a board - for example: 
"How to wash your socks" (the title, this is short and this i d like to be very visible) 
"Take them off, find powder, find washing machine etc... "(this is a lot of text, and i d like to be totally hidden or almost unnoticeable unless I do something to it so I can read it)


I tried using a text box and selecting a part of the text as the title and another as the description (bulk of the text) but the problem is that when you select any word in the text box and change the font size then the whole box changes text. 
So this wont work

I also tried "notes" but this is general for the board and not "linked" somehow to an object. This wont work either. "Comments" have the same issue.

"Grids" looks like a workaround. Google drive too (but i have to create so many documents..)

Do you have some other way like expand/collapse using a button or any other function?  Or maybe a workaround?

Thank you very much! 


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@ChrisV -

The only way I know to do something like this would be to fake it :grinning:

  1. If it’s a shape, have one shape on the top which has the text you want to always show, and an identical shape underneath it (layer-wise) which has the same text plus the text you wanted to keep hidden. Then, when you are ready to reveal, you switch which shape is in the front and which is in the back.
  2. Similar approach, but use text colors to do it - have the “hidden” text portion be in the same color as the shape’s fill, and then just select it and change the color to match the always visible text.

Would either of those approaches work?


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Hi @ChrisV,

You can create different text boxes, one for the title and the other for the description and resize and reformat the text to your liking (increase the size, bold, underline, etc.). Changing the color of the text in the description to gray or light gray will make the text less visible.

Here’s a screenshot using your example:

Text More Visible/Hidden

Is this something close to what you are looking to do?

Another possible workaround is using Cards. Put the title on the card, and the body of the text in the card description. Then, the only way to see the additional text that you want hidden is to either scroll in close enough to reveal it, or to click on the top right corner of the card to see the description.

Card with Title


Zooming in on Card will reveal description
Click on Top Right Corner of Card to Reveal Description

As a final note, you can link objects/text on your Miro board to your Notes.

Simply go to the context menu on the object you want linked and click on “Copy link.” Then, in your notes, highlight the note you want to link the object to and paste the link. The object will then be linked to the Note.

I hope that helps!

Michael Sohn

Amazing answers thank you both so much!