How to expand font of cards?

  • 1 October 2020
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I’m using the Kanban template to start managing a project. It’s working fine, and I like the colours and the ability to use the same tool for both training and admin.

However my eyesight/monitor combination means that I have to peer at the text to work out what each card says. I know we can expand each separately, or zoom in so we can only see a few at a time but that doesn’t help. What we have is not viable in the long term, and if it’s not fixable we may be forced to abandon Miro for Trello or similar… 

How can I force the card font size to be larger?

- Charles


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@Charles Weir - From my experiences there is no way to adjust the font size within a card or control the default font size of newly created cards. I also could not find anything information about doing this in the either the Cards or Kanban help articles.

I would recommend adding this as an Idea in the Wish List category by following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know. If you do create a Wish List Idea post, I would also recommend that you post a link to it back here, so that future readers of this post can quickly get to and vote for your Idea.

Additionally, here is an existing Wish List Idea that you may want to add your comments and vote to:


And depending on how much text you are putting in your cards, if you use Shift + Enter in the card title, you can put more than one line of text. Then, as long as you do NOT have text inside the cards itself, you never get that down “expand” arrow at the bottom of the card, so you could zoom WAY in:



And I just learned something new! If you zoom way in and there IS text in a card, it auto-displays!


My preferred way to increase font size is to drag the corner of the card to increase both height and length and then reduce the length. This operation increases the size of the font but also the card height ..