How to delete/leave boards in free account?

  • 18 September 2020
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Hi everyone,

I have a free account with a max 3 boards and would need to delete/leave some.
When doing right-click on the board the DELETE or LEAVE option (as suggested in other posts) do not appear.

Do you know any other solution?

Thank you!


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9 replies

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@giacomo butte - Only the board Owner can delete the board. There are a few ways to find the Owner:

  1. From the dashboard:
  2. And from the board info:
  3. And while you’re in the board:


It may be easiest to ask the board owner to delete the board.If this is not possible, you could remove that person from your free team. When you do this, you’ll be asked who you would like to be the new owner of the boards that person created. Note: To delete/remove a user from a team, you will need to have Team Admin rights on the team.

You can find more info in the How to Duplicate or Delete a Board help article.



Thank you.

I think the issue exist because I am part of a Team and its boards fill my free account. 
Will look more into  it.


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if you do not have the option to delete a board, then you are not the owner of that board - someone else (another member) of your Free Plan team has created the board and will need to delete it.

In this example, I have a Free Plan team. There is also another member on my Free Plan team called Karen. From my Miro dashboard ( when I use the three-dots “ellipsis” menu for a board where I am the owner, I have the option to Delete the board, even it it is in a VIEW-ONLY state:


However, when I try the same thing for a board where I am not the owner, there is no Delete option:


Hi! I have a free plan and once created a board and shared it with two members that are now on my team. One of these members created her board but I have nothing to do with it - can it be transfered to her account space, not mine? It’s really no fair and convenient that users that I added just to one board now are stuck to “my team” and create boards in my plan. I was adding then just to the board, not the entire workspace. This hierarchy seems strange to me.

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How to delete members from a Free Plan:

  1. From your Miro dashboard, use the Team profile settings button:
  2. And then Active users and then Delete from team:


Does anyone know how to delete permanently (even from the trash) the board? I created a personal mind map inside the team’s board and I deleted it but I saw it was still in trash. 

I would be grateful for anyone’s help.

Thank you!

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@Nhr - You cannot manually force a purge of the trash - it will be purged after 30 days.

Note: Users can only see--and restore--boards they have created while in the trash, so no one will see this board.

A few extra steps you could take to feel better that no one will see this content would be to:

  1. Restore the board
  2. open it and delete all all content
  3. set the board’s Share settings to No access for the rest of the team, and ensure public access/anyone with the link is also set to No access:


  4. You could even rename the board to something uninteresting, e.g., “test board”

  5. and now delete it again.

Hello @Robert Johnson,

Thanks a lot for your help and for the ideas! :thumbsup:




I need serious help! I’m in a free plan, I am for about a week to try to delete the boards and asking people to kick me out from their boards as I can read and I followed on the FAQ.

I”m getting a bit desperate… I’m trying super hard to get into the only 3 free boards but is looks that Miro is becoming victime of their success and are creating new obstacles to get us to pay them. 

I have deleted the non useful boards.

I have asked people to delete me from their boards (although still shows in my board).

I’m unable to delete their boards myself.

Miro have since last week blocked my access to the most important board I need and I’m trying to get rid of the other ones but they are making super hard. 

It should be stated from the beginning the rules and help free users to manage their boards instead of change it… 

it’s missing some lack trust and ethics towards its users, it is a lack of respect to the free user allowance initially given before becomes famous…