How to bring collaborative whiteboard into my conference room?

  • 16 July 2020
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We have a web-app for online education that contains rooms for online conferences and workshops. We want to bring Miro’s real-time, collaborative whiteboard into our conference rooms, so that our clients can login into their accounts and bring their whiteboards to work together in our conference rooms. So my doubt would be: if I’m working with clients in Miro, should I use Consultant Plan or Enterprise Plan? (considering they are working in Miro embedded in our web-app).

About the implementation
What would be the correct Miro tool to be used to create this functionality? I understand that Boards Picker allows bringing specific apps for specific teams, but is the same tool (Boards Picker) capable of bringing clients’ boards into my conference room?

PS.: Whereby (app for conferences) has the exact same functionality that we want to implement (see image below). It means that they bring clients’ collaborative whiteboards into conference room - when you choose Miro in Whereby, a login popup appears and then your boards. So which plan should I choose and which of Miro’s Developers functionalities should I use to create this experience for my users?

Bringing Miro’s collaborative whiteboards into conference room



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@Rodolfo Espinosa Bueno -

Sounds like this is what you need:


@Rodolfo Espinosa Bueno -

Sounds like this is what you need: