How do I lock the elements on my board?

  • 3 September 2020
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For some reason, I am unable to lock things on my board. The lock icon does not show and the ctrl+L shortcut does nothing. Has anybody else had this happen to them?


Best answer by Robert Johnson 3 September 2020, 16:11

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@Angela Adukure I have not experienced this before, however, I have experienced a few other glitches recently. I have a few questions to start with:

  1. Are you the board owner?
  2. What type of plan does this board reside in? Free/Team/Business/Consultant/Enterprise/Education?
  3. Could you by chance have been  browsing this board as a Guest Editor when you noticed the lock functionality was missing? (Guest Editors cannot lock objects.)
  4. Are you doing this from a browser or a Miro desktop app?
  5. Can you try this from another device/laptop/browser or private/incognito browser session?
  1. I am not the board owner. How can I get the ownership of the board? I have access to the account of the owner.
  2. It resides in free
  3. No, I am logged in correctly with my enterprise account
  4. I am using the browser
  5. I cannot use another device but I can try to use incognito.
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@Angela Adukure -

A couple of questions to add to @Rob Johnson ‘s list:

  1. Can you try on a different board?
  2. Do newly created objects on the original board have the lock capability enabled?


@Kiron Bondale and @Rob Johnson I can lock things on a new board. I cannot lock anything, even new objects, in the board I use for work.

On a new board
On the board I need


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@Angela Adukure Thanks for answering those questions and for the screenshots.

I am hung-up on the fact that you’re saying this is a Free Plan board as all member roles (there are only two: Member and Team Admin) can both lock/unlock objects - there is also no way in a Free Plan to change board ownership, except when the board owner leaves the team - it can then be reassigned.

One last scenario that could be happening: If you do go into a Free Plan team from your Miro dashboard, but then click on Starred to get to this board, then you could be accessing the board as a Guest Editor. However, if you aren’t explicitly going to the Started page in the team, then you can ignore this and keep reading :relaxed:

Given your screenshot, either there is a bug or the board is not in a Free Plan team. To confirm this, from your Miro dashboard:

  • Select the team from the left-vertical Teams list where the board is located.
  • Click on the team settings gear icon - this will take you to the Team profile page.
  • You should see Your plan details → Current plan → Free


If you are seeing this, then I believe it could be a bug and I would recommend that you open a support ticket: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center.

Otherwise you could reach out to the board owner and request they transfer ownership of the board to yourself. For more information on transferring ownership, have a look at this help center article:

@Rob Johnson Thank you for your reply. I checked and it is a free plan so I have submitted a request. I will also try to transfer ownership to my account later.