How do I create a personal team/account?

  • 13 January 2021
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Hi Miro community. I’m pretty new and I’ve looked through a bunch of threads but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this one.

I was added to a team I am consulting with by a 3rd party and signed up with my personal gmail address. Looks like they are on the free plan and they have 3 boards already.

Now I want to create my own dashboard/account/team that is separate from this other team since I am just consulting for them and want to work on things unrelated to them. The only option I see is to Create another team, but it asks me to upgrade to a paid account. When I log in to Miro, there is no personal space, just the team I am consulting with (that invited me).

Basically, I want to create a personal dashboard/team/place where I am not sharing with this other team I am consulting with. How do I create my own dashboard with a free plan and 3 private boards?


3 replies

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@Varun Dhital -

You’d need to sign up (again) with a different e-mail address to do that. 


Got it. Thanks @Kiron Bondale - I was worried that might be the case.

Would it help if I left the other team, and then they re-added me later?

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@Varun Dhital -

That is certainly one option, but you may just want to create a separate account to keep things distinct.