How can Sticky notes move on timeline template?

  • 4 February 2021
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How can the Sticky’s move on a timeline template?  I need to have participants move a pre-selected sticky to a timeline   At the moment, they are not moving.


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@Becky Powell-schwartz - In order to select and move objects, your cursor must be in select mode, i.e., an arrow. If it is in pan mode, when you click and drag on the Miro board canvas, it will move the board around. Example:


Where do you construct this timeline ? Manually by drawing lines ?
Where can I find the mentioned timeline template ?

How can I create a timeline from 1900-2030 ? With intersected months or Quarters and so on ?

I searched around and cannot find anythin ? Most timeline questions are in the sector wish list months or years ago. So I cannot really believe it isnt implemented yet ?


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@Boomerang - The timeline is made of up a connection line with arrows on each end, text labels added to the connection line, and sticky notes.

You can read more about connection lines (and adding text labels to them) in the the Connection Lines Help Center article

The template used above is the Timeline template, found in the standard board templates:



Thanks, I entered a Q2-Q3-Q4 timeline … but there are more questions.

Is there a possibility to define any properties of a timeline ? How many sections, range of years for example, how to name the sections, months (by name, or other descriptions …

And the behaviour is different, once the timeline is positioned, none of the sticky notes is attached to the timeline neither “Q1” text, I would have to group them or to lasso them together temporarily, but there is no glue or magnetic effect attracting any object ?

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@Boomerang -

The timeline template is a pretty basic one with no methods or behavior outside of what you see. Anything further would require use of the Miro development API.