How can I turn this 2 column entity ERD symbol into 1 column???

  • 4 August 2023
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My company is already questioning the cost of our Miro so no way am I able to upgrade my account just to get the ERD shapes. 

All I want is something that looks like this… which is straight from the Miro website but NOT available in a template. I just spent WAY too long trying to find this shape



I was able to copy this version from the ERD template… but I don’t want the “Key” column. HOW DO I DELETE A COLUMN IN THIS???


Why is such a simple shape that would make Miro a lot more valuable to me something that is withheld behind an upgrade??? 

1 reply

I have the same frustration. In my case, I need 3 columns. For you luckily there’s a template with 1 column from Miroverse: