How can I integrate Miro and Moodle

  • 10 December 2020
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How can I integrate Miro and Moodle? I use Moodle as LMS to support my classes. I want to use Miro white boards for working with my students together as the entire class or in small groups. 

I saw a webinar on Miro where the presenter said that this integration is possible but I was not able to find instructions. Please help. Thanks.

4 replies

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Hi @Eugene Matusov,

You can try to embed editable Miro boards to Moodle. Here’s some information about that:

Miro's article on Embedding Editable Boards into Websites
Moodle’s doc on iFrame.

Does it work for you?

Dear Marina--

Thanks a lot for your reply and helpful references. I’m pretty fluent in Moodle to a degree of redigining it. I have a server with Moodle in my full control

I wonder If I can embed a Miro object (e.g., frame, shape) rather than the entire board. Is it possible? I want to use “a shared board” (not in Miro’s sense) for each class meeting (about 14 per semester) and I want to keep all these “boards “ (again, not in Miro’s sense) together on the Miro frame. I really I want to have ALL my diverse classes on the same Miro board. I envision a Miro frame for each class. Each Miro frames has 14 Miro text shapes with class meeting agendas and maybe some other objects inside for collaborative learning activities. In Moodle, each class session will have one embedded Miro object with the agenda, which can be edit by my students) and other objects for collaborative class activities. I want my students to “move” on the Miro board only within their class Miro frame.

Is my vision possible as it is now?

I have an Education Account with Miro.

Also, I would LOVE to integrate Moodle and Miro accounts for my students. Is it possible or not?

Thanks A LOT,

PS My semester is almost over -- which the busiest time for me :scream: . I’d like to experiment more with Miro and Moodle a week or two from now. I’m so looking forward for that! :smile:

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hey @Eugene Matusov !

Answer is both yes and no.

You can embed a board, so that user first sees some dedicated part of it, but can then pan around the board anyway. 

This embed can be collaborative or view only, in both versions you focus user on a needed frame

Basically, all the info is by the link Marina shares before.

Thanks a lot, Boris. How can I control the embed to be collaborative or view only?

Take care, Eugene